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Name:               Peter Klimo

Date of birth      26 okt.1965

Place of birth     Budapest hungary

Marital status     single 

Postal address    H-1125 Budapest, Lóránt út 22

Phone number   + 36 20 98 04 316  Fax: 00 36 1 395 69 79     






                       Freelancer stage and costume designer 2013- today


                       Establishment of own company:  K&P Collection Ltd. 1995

                       Costum designing and styling

                       KLIMO Collection as a brand name

                       Fashion designing as an independent leading designer 1995 to 1997:

                       AXIS Advertising Agency

                       Art Director 1994 to 1999


                      Academy of Fine art, Budapest

                      M.A. Faculty of stage design and costume 2011-2013

                      Accademia Albertina Belle Arti

                      Fine Art faculty in class of prof.: De Luca Iginio2012


                       Academy of Fine art, Budapest

                       B.A. Faculty of stage design and costume 2008-2011                        

                       Academy of Light Industry and Technology, Budapest

                       English couture and modelling 1993 to 1995


                       Academy of Applied Art, Budapest

                       Faculty of Visual Design and Applied Graphics 1987 to 1993


                       Shop-window-design and Decorateur Secondary School, Budapest

                       1984 to 1986




1993                    Exhibition of Contemporary video Art, Budapest

                           Red squer video installation

1994                    Hungarian Television (MTV)

                           Napközi Chat Tv show-visual and costume design

                           Friderikusz Talk show-visual design

1995                    AYER’S Fashion Competition

1995                    regular presentation at the following fashion shows:

                           Textival Budapest Spostcsarnok

                           Eszes Gala Budapest Vigado  

1995                    Air France Fashion Award

                           Invited for the International fashion competition Paris

1996                    Air France Fashion Award Paris

1996-1998            Budapesti Divat napok

                           Taking part int he opening performance of Hungaryan designers

                           Organised by Hungaryan Fashion Institute

1995-1997            Regular presentation the fashion shows

                           Off line Vienna fashion shows and fair,Vienna and Budapest

1998                    Gloomy Sunday (German-Hungaryan co-production) costume 

1998-                   Co-operation with:

                           - Filmpartners Co Ltd., Filmservice Ltd., Stábfilm Factory Ltd., Extrem 

                             Egzact Film Co., Filmpositive Production Ltd., Starfilm Hollywood Ltd., Omelet Film Ltd., Filmakers&Co

                             Taking part in Hungaryan and International commercial films,-video 

                             and in photo- commercials as a stylist,costume designer and warderobe executor in the commercial for: Coca             

                             BMV, Wodafon, T-com, Pannon, Zwack, Johny Walker, Renault, Nokia, Baleys, Média Markt, Danone, Gosser, 

                             Samsung, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Nestlé, Dreher, ect                                                               

1999 Glasstiger movie film  D.: Peter Rudolf costume design

2001 Limonade tv seat-com (soap-opera)  RTL costume design

2003 Chapters of a book of virtue tv film D.:  Janos Vecsernyés costume design

2005 Glasstiger 2. movie film D.: Iván Kapitány, Peter Rudolf costume design

2005 Petrol heads movie film  D.: Iván Kapitány costume design

2006 Floor movie film D.: Janos Vecsernyés costume design

2007 Dismay movie film  D.: Peter Fazakas costume design

2007 Born to be loser Tv series  HBO costume design

2007 Bit of luck  movie film D.: Tamás Keményfi costume design

2009 Sommer street, last station... movie  film D.:  János Vecsernyés costume design

2010 With clean hands short film D.: Bela Bagota set design

2010 Strong girls hasn’t dreams short film D.: Zsofia Zsemberi production design

2010 Get up short film D.: Gabor Reisz scene design

2010 FRICIKLI bicycle exhibition Kiscelli Museum Budapest project design

2011 FÜST Shopwindow exhibition seria Füst antikvárium Budapest installations

2011 R. Wagner Lohengrin MÜPA opera reformance D.: Janos Novak costume design

2011 B.A. Diploma Hungarian Fine Academy Budapest stage and costume design diploma

2012 Deep breath short film D.: Claudia Kovacs set design          

2012 Hot man in cold dictatorship  part of the documentary film D.: Maria Takács scene design

2013 Recirquel Circus in the night modern circus MÜPA D.: Bence Vági stage design assistant

2013 Is there something strange and... fiction film D.: Gabor Reisz scene design  

2013 M.A. Diploma hungarian Fine Art Academy Budapest

2013 Mozart: Figaro’s wedding opera open air theater Városmajor D.: András Habetler stage design

2013 Budapest for me sketch movie film part one D.: GAbor Reisz scene design

2013 Loti-Futi pupett and animation TV seria  D.: Szonja Szabó scene design

2014 France straw open air performance Szombathely D.: Attila Réthly stage design

2014 My doughter Anne Frank Budapest Dance Theater D.: Béla Földi stage and costume design

2014 Faydeou: Hand to hand Madach Theater Budapset  directed Attila Réthly stage design assistant

2014 Janus feature TV film D.: Bence Gyöngyösy costume design

2014 Recirquel Naked Clown modern circus Müpa D.: bence Vági stage design assistant

2014 Faydeou: Le dindon Weöres Sándor Theater Szombathely D.: Attila Réthly stage design

2015 IV. floor 14. Grotesque Gimnastic Artus production D.: Gaspar Téri stage design

2015 Shakespeare King Lear by Eva Duda’s dance Company Atrium Theater D. eva Duda stage design 

2015 Kaputt Death Cabaret D.: Andras Dömötör Juranyi common house stage costume design

2015 Unicredit TV commercial by Extreme film scene design

2015 Zilahy/Garai: Deadly spring Summer fest open air theater Városmajor D.: Nóra Hidvégi stage design

2015 Only the theater... Tv mini serie part.:1. production designer, scene design 

2015 Verzio film festival short film art director

2015 Balaton group exhibition Mono art Budapest

2015 Hitachi commercial by Angels film art director

2015 T-com magenta commercial film by Small filmart director

2015 Hungarian Got Talent RTL TV show Nylon group scene design

2015 Danone Oikos commercial by Small film art director

2016 Downy commercial by Angels film scene design

2016 Borsodi commercial by Umbrella film scene design

2016 Karsloten commercial by Angels film scene design

2016 Spar commerecrial by Greenlab scene design

2016 Only the theater... Tv mini serie part.:2. production designer, scene and costume design

2016 Bergman Persona D.: Hidvégi Nóra Szentendre Cult. Center stage and costume design

2016 Hunderd years of solitude  Budapest Táncszínház Várkert bazár D.: Földi Béla stage and costume design

2016 Verzio dokumentary film festival intro scene design and concept artist

2017 Silence personal exhibition Fest-Tisztit Galéria

2017 Only the theater.... Tv mini serie part.3. production designer, scene and costume design

2018 Chekhov Three sisters Budapest Dance Theater Várkert bazar D.:Alexandra Sághy stage and costume design

2017 YKK image commercial film by Angels film production design

2018 Only the theater... Tv mini serie part.4. production designer, scene and costume design

2018 Good Morning short film D.: Miklauzic Bence scene design

2018 Christal Recirquel modern circus show MÜPA D.: Vági Bence stage design

2018 Heti betevő Group exhibition Livin Gallery Budapest

2019 Nino’s barge Tv fiction film D.: Bence Miklauzic scene design

2019 Don Juan going bald Tv fiction film D.: Linda Dombrovszky scene design

2019 Life virtuosists by L.Ulickaja Urania Theater Kassa D.: Nóra Hidvégi stage design

2019 Existence bound Budapest Dance Theater D.: Loránd Zachár National Dance Theater Budapest   

2019 Obi commercial by Family film art director

2019 Raiffeisen commercial by One film scene design

2019 E. Fejes Good evening summer... D.: Nóra Hidvégi Open air theater Városmajor stage design

2019 Proenzi commercial by 235 film production design

2019 Raiffeisen 2. commercial by One film scene design

2019 Terran commercial by 235 production design

2020 2. Solo exhibition TÉR Gallerie Budapest Hungary

2020 Studio exhibition with Mamikon Yengibarian Etyek Hungary

2020 Solus Amor Recirquel company MÜPA D.: Bence Vági stage design

2020 Hungarian Golgota Tv film D.: Zsolt Pozsgay scene design 

2021 Portrait TV film Marcell Jankovics D.: Szonja Szabó scene and costume design

2021 Szájhős Tv film D.: Peter Forgacs scene design

2021 IQOS image photos  D.: Csaba Jobbagy scene design

2021 Collage room Pop up group exhibition  Saska Hungary

2021 Holiday in west feature film D.: Daniel Tiszeker costume design

2021 Boys in november short film D.: Peter Tóth scene and costume design

2022 Baumit commercial by Umbrella film scene design

2022 Memento mori Tv feature film D.: Monika Stefán costume design

2022 Dream feature movie film D.:Lee Beyeong-heon  costume design

2022 Alfa commercial image film D.: Attila Hartung scene design

2023 Loh Ki wan Korean featured film by Netflix D.: Kim Hee-jin costume supervising

2023 Rossman commercial film D: Nándor Lőrincz scene design

2023 PEP insurance company campaign film D.: Gabor Holtai scene and costume design

2023 Alfa bank image film D.: Attila Hartung scene design

2024 Medve sajt commercial D.: Attila Hartung scene design



Hungaryan (mother languages), English (fluent)


2010                  MKISZ Hungarian associato of fine and applied artists

2004                  MMTE  Hungaryan movement and danc therapy association

2010                  HUNGART Collecting Society of Hungarian Visual Artists

2013                  MALÁT Hungarian Production Designers Company

2014                  FILMJUS Association of Hungarian audio-visual authors


​2015 'Teritory" group exhibition Cavour gallery Torino Italy

2017 "Silence" solo exhibition fest, tisztit Galeria Budapest Hungary

2019 Livin Galeria Group exhibition Budapest Hungary

2020 "2" solo exhibition Tér Gallery Budapest Hungary

2021 reflection with mamikon Yengabarian sculpture Etyek Hungary

2023 Godot Institute group exhibition Budapest Hungary

2024 Boys don't cry Living Gallery solo Budapest Hungary



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